Essential Oil iMessage Stickers for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

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Calling all essential oil fans and wellness advocates. If you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch this is for you! I put together a mega-pack of stickers you can use within iMessage. Have you used iMessage stickers yet? They are so fun! You can send them like emojis or single images or you can layer them on top of message bubbles, photos, or even other stickers.

I thought the essential oil world needed some fun icons to send to each other this way. There are even some animated GIFS in the pack. I thought about those of us who share ideas back and forth over our phones and created some illustrations to enhance the process.

What can you do with this pack? Get creative! I included a variety of essential oil related plant matter, some oil bottles, some safety icons, some business building tools, and some things you can send to your team to cheer them on. You could even teach a basic intro oil class using just the icons in this kit.

There is one set of colorful icons and another set of black and white stamp-style icons. 

Ready to download? Head over the the App Store and get your copy. 


1. Open an existing conversation thread in Messages or start a new conversation.

2. Tap the ">" icon then the App Store icon to the left of the text input box.

3. Tap the four dots in the lower-left corner to open the app drawer.

4. Tap "+" icon to access the iMessage App Store. 

5. Search for the I Heart Oils- Stickers for Wellness Advocates app, purchase, and click install. After the app downloads, you'll find it in your app drawer within iMessage.

6. Tap on an icon to send it like an emoji with or without additional text.

7. Touch, hold, and drag up to attach the sticker to images, chat bubbles, or other sticker. Layer stickers on top of each other to customize. You can also size and rotate stickers by dragging up, holding, then using another finder to size up, down or rotate. When you release- it will stay in the desired position.