Essential Oil Aromatherapy Blank Nasal Inhaler Tubes, Assorted Colors, As Shown(12 Pack)

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Brand: Cornucopia Brands


  • ✓BLANK EMPTY NASAL INHALER TUBES PERFECT FOR AROMATHERAPY - Blank nasal inhaler tubes are perfect for adding your favorite essential oils and essential oil blends, to enjoy aromatherapy on the go.
  • ✓TIGHT CAP AND LID ENSURE LONG LASTING SMELL AND HEALTH BENEFITS - Cap secures the wick inside very securely as to preserve the oils natural healing properties, so you get long lasting smells, and health benefits.
  • ✓USE EACH INHALER AGAIN AND AGAIN - These inhalers can be used again and again, despite the cap being very snug, with a little effort the cap is removed, and more oils are added to the wick inside.
  • ✓ASSORTED COLORS, RECEIVE EXACT COLORS SHOWN, ARRRIVE IN A SEALED BAG - Arrive packed very neatly in a sealed bag, as to make sure the items are received clean and in great condition.
  • ✓12 COMPLETE INHALERS - 12 high quality blank nasal inhaler tubes for use with essential oils (Including 12 unscented wicks, 12 inhalers, 12 covers, and 12 caps)

Details: 12 Essential Oil Nasal Inhaler Tubes Perfect for Aromatherapy, Essential Oils for Breathing, and Many Other Essential Oil Blends

These essential oil blank inhaler tubes by Cornucopia Brands are constructed of high quality sanitary plastic, and are perfect for adding any essential oil or essential oil blends for aromatherapy on the go.

When you add the essential oil to the wick of these empty inhaler blanks, and seal the tube with the caps, the oils last a very long time. Which allows you to receive the benefits of the oils healing properties for much longer periods of time, without having to re-soak the wicks.

When your scent finally does fade, the caps are removable and the wicks can you be re-soaked for another period of long use.

Utilize these inhaler blanks in place of harmful chemical inhalers to help harness natures powers, and you can get fast relief of nasal troubles, using essential oils, instead of harmful chemicals with dangerous side effects.