Bekith Wooden Essential Oil Box - Holds 64 (5-15 ml) Essential Oil Bottles

$ 18.99 $ 23.98

Brand: Bekith


  • LIGHTWEIGHT & COMPACT, making it easy to transport your oils wherever you go
  • PROTECTION & SECURITY - Prevents your oils from damaging sunlight. Metal clasp adds extra security.
  • Hold 64 (5-15 ml) essential oil bottles
  • GREAT FOR PRESENTATIONS - This beautiful display case is perfect for your essential oils when making presentations
  • PERFECT GIFT - Beautiful display case is perfect as a gift for yourself or anyone who loves essential oils.

Details: Wooden box designed to store and transport your essential oil collection. The beautiful box will look great anywhere in your home or business.If you need to take it with you, this elegant box will hold your oils snug and safe while you travel.

Some Reasons To Buy This Essential Oils Kit
- Keep your oils handy at home for use and for presentations
- Create a portable, natural first aid kit for travel, emergency, or every day use
- Show off your oils to your friends, family, neighbors and new acquaintences
- Easily transfer your oils without spilling or leaks using the included pipettes
- Brighten your mood, improve your focus, calm your anxiety, prevent sickness, and get all other benefits of essential oils no matter where you are!

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