Beeswax White Pastilles Pellets Granules 1 Lb. Premium Quality, Cosmetic Grade, Triple Filtered

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Brand: Plant Guru

Color: Yellow/Gold


  • Beeswax White Pastilles 1 Lb. Premium Quality, Cosmetic Grade, Triple Filtered
  • 100% Natural Beeswax Triple Filtered Grade A Yellow Pastilles
  • Great for DIY Projects like skin care products, lotions, candle making, furniture polish and so much more.
  • Trusted Brand / Top quality at an affordable price
  • Cosmetic / USP Grade - Premium quality 100% Pure Beeswax

Details: Plant Guru Beeswax is a wonderful substance secreted by worker honeybees. This line of pure, filtered, high grade bees wax comes from the Pacific Northwest by beekeepers that we have a wonderful working relationship with. This beautiful wax is the finest we have ever acquired; producing a very fragrant, clean, and perfectly filtered product without the debris and muddy color found in typical waxes. Use it for cosmetics, food, salves, body care products, lotions and you can melt it down to make your own aromatic candles.