Where to Purchase dōTerra Essential Oils

When deciding how to purchase essential oils, there are many options available to you. We've started to see essential oils all over the place! However, the differences in essential oil quality make it difficult to know what kind of oils you are purchasing. For something so potent yet versatile, we suggest purchasing oils through a trusted source that has strict quality and testing standards, available use and safety training, and on-going support. The company we use and love- doTerra- has three different ways to buy essential oils and other wellness related products. It's a really flexible way to have access to their product line. 

Three easy ways to purchase:

1. Become a Wellness Advocate. If you are like us and find yourself turning to natural solutions more and more, wanting to start on a journey of total health and wellness, you'll want a doTerra wholesale account. This is the most popular and flexible account and gives you the deepest discount and the ability to earn compensation. We recommend this account for those who are entrepreneurial minded and want to join us in the Hope, Health, & Happiness movement. When you start earning commissions, this account becomes the least expensive option.

2. Open a Wholesale Customer account. Similar to the Wellness Advocate account with all the same great discounts, but no ability to enroll anyone else or earn commission. We recommend this account for those interested in using oils for themselves without an interest in the business model. You can always upgrade later if you decide to share.

3. Buy retail. Everyone who signs up for a Wellness Advocate account gets a company generated storefront. Ask your consultant for their store URL. You can go online and shop for oils just as you would at most other online retailers. Selecting items from the store, adding them to your cart, and checking out. This is the most expensive way to purchase doTerra oils but great for a casual oil purchaser who just would like to try one or two bottles during the year. Super easy.

Creating your wholesale account doesn't automatically sign you up for anything beyond your account.  You are in control of your account and can purchase when and how you'd like.

You can either purchase an enrollment kit and buy a bundle of products at a discount when you sign up, or fill your cart and enroll with whatever products you like. Many people start with an enrollment kit and then add on the one or two things they want that aren't in the kit. The kits are such a great deal it's hard to pass them up.

Why purchase from us?

Besides accessing top-quality oils and other wellness products, you'll be part of a community of people who love essential oils as much as we do. As we have used, shared, and helped other people, a wonderful community of oil users has grown. 

We love our customers and our business builders!  We hold trainings, events, and get-togethers both online and offline. We love sharing Hope, Health, and Happiness.  

We have community websites and private Facebook groups (one for product info and a separate one for business builders) to share ideas and ask questions. We're here to help and provide support at what ever level you desire.

Additionally, we have some pretty awesome welcome gifts including a custom I Heart Oils blend when your set up an essential oil wholesale account with our preferred essential oil company through us. Contact us for our current specials. 

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Get a step by step guide on how to enroll with some essential oils wholesale account FAQ's HERE. We'd love to have you join us! 

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