dōTERRA Loyalty Rewards Program | Essential Oil Wellness Subscription Box

lrp boxThe best way to buy dōTERRA products is through the Loyalty Rewards Program.  It's a super flexible monthly subscription box for essential oils and other wellness products that pays you back and rewards you for consistent purchasing.

Each month, you choose what you want shipped in your box. There are perks and bonuses if your box reaches different totals. This is THE BEST way to purchase dōTERRA products. Not only are several products discounted for those using the subscription, you can also earn points back on your purchases then cash them in for free products. Woohoo! 

So month one, you open your account and buy your starter set of basic essential oils. Month two you set up your subscription box and could choose the emotional aromatherapy set, month three you could try one of the 3 different skincare systems. Month four you could order some haircare products. Or mix and match! You can decide and edit what's in your box and when it's shipped out every month. You are replacing trips to the store for home delivered, top quality products. Sweet. 

Most of us have a wallet full of stamp cards or reward cards for places we like to frequent? We do, do you? The Loyalty Rewards dōTERRA subscription box has a similar additional perk, and it's all automatically calculated for you when you place your order online through the LRP template. dōTERRA calculates a percentage of your order (starting at 10%) and on the 15th of the following month, credits that amount into your "house account. With each month you continue to participate in the program, your percentage back goes up till you reach 30% back in points from every reward program purchase you make. It's awesome!

Sign up as Wellness Advocate or Wholesale Customer & join the Loyalty Rewards Program to get your subscription box started today! 

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Some common questions about the Loyalty Rewards Program:

Q. Do I HAVE to place an order each month to have a dōTERRA membership?

A. NO. For a normal wholesale or wellness advocate account, you don't. For those who opt-in to start receiving monthly subscription boxes, YES. You need to place an order each month to "hold" your subscription open.  You can place a minimal order (10 PV) and it will keep your subscription open for you.  You won't earn any new points or advance in percentage that month, but you won't lose your spot or your points.

To advance in percentage back and move from 10% to 30%, you need to maintain an order of 50 PV or more each month. 100 PV or more is required if you are participating in the business and would like to earn a commission.

Q. Will I get the same products each month?

A.  You have full control over your template. It is customizable to any product you want to purchase. You can change it up with each order. If you forget to change your order by the ship date you have set, you will receive the items from your last saved template on auto ship.

Q. What's the Product of the Month Club?

A. For those of us receiving our Loyalty Rewards subscription boxes, if our orders process BEFORE the 15th of the month AND your total is 125 PV or higher, you'll automatically be sent a fun freebie. There have been some great oils sent as Product of the Month oils. LOVE this little bit of TLC from from the company. It's always nice to get!

Q. Can I change my shipping address and payment information?

A. Yes! Both of these are customizable whenever you need or would like to make changes.

Q. Is it really worth it?

A. If you only use the products once or twice a year, maybe the Loyalty Rewards Program subscription box isn't for you. But if you find yourself purchasing a few products a month, then YES you'll definitely benefit from buying this way. Not only do you earn points back & can earn the free product of the month, you'll also get your shipping costs credited back to you in the form of points, benefit from exclusive rewards pricing on many items (below wholesale) and have the products you need, when you need them.

Q. I thought oils lasted a long time and you only needed to use a tiny amount at a time. Won't I run out of things to buy?

A. I wondered about this too when I first started. But, the company has an amazing product catalog filled with additional wellness items that is expanding each year. They have skin care, hair care, supplements, home and cleaning, etc. It's really great. What we've found is that we shop our own store first- this pays us back and we LOVE the products. Subsequently, we rarely purchase these kinds of products anywhere else and end up skipping a lot of the aisles in a traditional store. Love that! We have a steady rotation of oils and other products coming into the house and find that we use them for a lot more than we ever thought we would.

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