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Are there days that the "pep in your step" is a little hard to find? Maybe you feel tired, bored, or even just uninspired. I know that when my kids were small, those days felt all too frequent. It can be so tiring keeping up with the little ones! Essential oils and other botanical supplements can really help give you the lift you need. 

Some of our favorites are:

Lemon- is uplifting, cleansing, energizing, and helps promote a positive mood. 

Peppermint- this oil has a high menthol content and is really great to boost your mood and help you feel energized.

Wild Orange- high in monoterpenes, it possesses stimulating qualities and will energize and uplift the mind and body.

Motivate Blend- this blend by doTERRA contains citrus and mint oils containing monoterpenes, which are known for their uplifting and energizing properties. 

Passion Blend- with phenols and esters, this blend is both spicy and herbal. It can help inspire creativity and re-ignight passion. It also has a slight warming and renewing effect. 

Some great supplements are the Lifelong Vitality supplements which are a great foundation for energy and overall wellness & Mito2Max. Mito2Max can be taken as a daily alternative to caffeinated drinks or increased energy and vitality. It does not contain any harmful stimulants. 

Simple Tips for Energy and Motivation:

  • Put a drop of Motivation blend on your diffuser jewelry or rub through your hair to keep then aroma close. 
  • Take two Mito2Max capsules when energy levels are down or when you need a mental energy boost.
  • Apply Motivate blend to your temples and back of the neck. This one is great in a diffuser too!
  • Make a room spray with a few drops of Peppermint and Wild Orange in water and mist your space for an energizing aroma. We take this one on road trips cause long car rides + cooped up kids = crazy. 
  • Inhale peppermint prior to working out or when feeling tired or low energy. It's also cooling which is a bonus for using while working out. 

For kids, not that small children usually need more energy (ha!), Motivate Touch roller can be a great one to use. It's diluted for use for those with more sensitive skin. It's good for teens as well who might need a little gentle nudge or inspiration to get going- they could even keep it in their pocket for support during the day.

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