Hi! I'm Heather. I'm a mom to six kids, an artist and designer, wellness advocate & founder of I Heart Oils. We help families simplify their healthcare using natural, safe, effective dōTERRA essential oils and easy ways to use them. It's been life changing for us, and I love to share what's worked.

The background story

When I first heard about dōTERRA, my oldest child was 12 and my youngest was 3 years old. With six young kids (including a set of triplet girls) at home you can imagine it was a *bit* chaotic around our place. Oh boy, do I have stories I could tell you. Ha! They all look so sweet in the photo below. And I love them, but I have to say, it was crazy. I was overwhelmed a lot. Especially when it came to our healthcare. I always felt like I didn't know enough or couldn't really help my kids. I needed support for myself too and didn't know how to get it.

We used to buy cartloads of over-the-counter things to try and be healthy. But that just led to an expensive "wait and see" game. When someone wasn't at their best, we'd give them something then "wait and see" if it worked or they eventually felt bad enough to take them in. We usually ended up taking them in because what we had never seemed to work well.

Then when one child would come down with something, it seemed like all the others did too. I felt like there was a revolving door between my home and the primary care office. I was worried and exhausted and overwhelmed a lot. 

Not only that, it was super expensive and not very effective. Often, after hauling all my kids in, there was nothing that they could do for me and I'd be sent home with instructions to have them just "rest and recuperate." It all just felt frustrating to me. 

I desperately wanted a more simple way of life. I just didn't know how to get it. I didn't know there were natural solutions available to help me help our family stay well.

My first essential oil class

Then I went to my first essential oil class and a lightbulb went off. I realized that there was a solution for me and this was it. Not only could the little bottles help with our physical health, the teacher was telling me they could help with my emotions and moods too! I couldn't wait to try it. I ordered the biggest enrollment kit I could afford at the time and just started using them every day.

I kept a reference book by my bed, and when an issue would come up, I'd read what to do then do it. Could it be this simple? I was floored. And it was only pennies per use! So I started using them in all kinds of ways around my house. I had them, why not use them? Essential oils became something I was using daily. 

A true solution

Time went on like this and one day I realized we had been healthy for weeks! Weeks led to months, and months to years. It's been 8 years now. The little kids in that photo have grown up so much. I have a young adult, teenagers, and a pre-teen now. We have visited our primary care office for yearly check ups, there was a broken bone that needed attention once, but the "wait and see" visits are a thing of the past. And this is just one of the many benefits we've received over the years. Woohoo!

Talk about empowerment, happy, and healthy! I now have tools and resources that help me take care of my family in a simple yet effective way. I loved this new lifestyle so much I went on to get a Holistic Health Coach certification and many hours of personal study on wellness topics. 

Can this work for you too?

If any of this feels familiar to you, if your healthcare seems to be out of your control, if you are praying there is something that might work for you, something more simple, something more natural– you are NOT alone. Over the years I've been using essential oils, I've introduced them to a lot of people just like us. And the success stories keep coming in. Adding essential oils to your life is a simple addition that can create some big changes.

They did for me, they have for many others, and they can for you too. You CAN create a life you really love, and I'm here to help. All you need is a box of oils, a reference book, and a willingness to get them out and use them. It's not exaggerating to say, you will see your life change. 

I'd love to help you and your family get started too when you are ready. 

Use oils. Love your life!

Ready to get started? I'm happy to answer any questions you have or you can jump right in and get your own kit of oils. I've got a welcome gift for you and lots of resources to help you along the way.

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