What is your dōTERRA business worth?

What is your doTERRA business worth?

Have you ever wondered if building your dōTERRA business is really worth it? When you first start working and your checks are growing, you might question the value of continuing to work towards your goals. Is it really going to make a difference?

We thought it might be useful to you to hear a little about the value of building a residual income asset through dōTERRA. 

The Power of Residual Income: 

This is a little graphic to show you what it would take to earn an equivalent payout using the standard investment model.  How long would it take you to earn the amount required to invest like this? For most people, it's just too overwhelming to even thing about.

However, with dōTERRA, you are investing in a different way but a completely doable way for most people. We really believe with continued effort, you can build a valuable asset that pays you money every month. What is this worth to you? Set aside your part-time schedule for when you will work on your business and just begin doing the PIPES actions and you will begin to create a truly valuable asset.

What is your doTERRA business worth?

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