Waking Up With Light


When a new year rolls around, many people resolve to lose some weight. A new study suggests that a simple change to your morning routine may make it a little easier to succeed*. Instead of hitting the snooze button to catch a few more minutes of relaxation in the dark each morning, get up with your alarm and immediately open the blinds or turn on the lights. The study found that those that woke up to a "light-enriched" environment were less hungry and sleepy throughout the day. Through blood tests they also exhibited better glucose metabolism and hormonal regulation than the control group.

Bottom line is that embracing the light of a new day, may make it easier to reach your weight management goals. I think that is definitely a simple step worth taking. Give it a try!

Here's a tip if you need a little help conquering the sluggishness that is keeping you from getting up and embracing the morning light. Keep a bottles of Peppermint and Wild Orange on your nightstand. When your alarm goes off, place a drop of each oil in your hands and inhale for a natural energy boost.

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*Source: Waking Up With Light, doTERRA

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