10 Ways to Give Back This Summer


Philanthropy takes many forms and can fit into anyone's life regardless of budget or time constraints. We have put together a list of 10 ways to give back this summer. 

  1. Collect donations for your local food bank. Contributions often taper off in the summer, but need can increase since children are out of school and have more meals and snacks at home.
  2. Post about your favorite cause or non-profit organization on social media. Raising awareness can be just as important as raising money.
  3. Use Amazon Smile to make purchases. Amazon will donate .5% of the purchase price to a charitable organization of your choice. You can even select doTerra's Healing Hands Foundation and contribute with your Amazon purchases.
  4. Visit www.justserve.org or www.dosomething.org to find a volunteer opportunity in your area. These free services match volunteers with service opportunities in their area. Find something that fits your interests, skills, and schedule.
  5. Start saving coins and small bills to donate to a non-profit at the end of the year.  Find out if your employer has a matching program before you submit your donation.
  6. Donate summer items to a local shelter.  Outside toys, sidewalk chalk, sunscreen, water bottles, hats, sandals, etc.
  7. Participate in a fundraiser walk. JDRF One Walk and MS Walk are a couple of options with events in many locations.  A quick Google search should help you find more events near you.
  8. Support the doTERRA Healing Hands FoundationContributions can be made through Paypal, by adding a donation to an order, or through the purchase of Rose Oil Lotion and Hope Touch Essential Oil Blend.
  9. Create a neighborhood "blessing box". These are containers filled with food and other supplies for those in need. Neighbors take items when needed and donate items when they can. Blessing boxes can be a fantastic way to share excess produce from your garden.
  10. Visit a senior citizen in your community. Sit on the porch, share a cold drink, and have a chat or try an AromaTouch Hand Massage to help connect and support.

There are so many more ways to give. What would you add to the list?

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