Summer Reading Party


I'm all about getting outdoors and enjoying the summer, but sometimes it is just too hot to be active out there. Those days are the perfect time to get your summer reading party on. 

All you really need is a good book, but since we're talking about a party, you might want to throw in a few more elements. Here are a few ideas to get you going:

Share the Experience

Whether you read with your kids, your friends, or even a neighbor or two, its always more of a party with other people involved. You can make it a read aloud or just have everyone bring their own book to read silently. Audiobooks are a good option since everyone gets to just relax and listen.

Choose Your Reading Material

If you are providing the reading material, make sure to keep the books age appropriate so you are maximizing attention spans. Short rhyming books are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. Elementary aged kids love picture books. Spooky short stories are often a hit with the upper elementary aged crowd. For older teens and adults, you might want to pick a longer book and read it over the course of several parties. Check out Read-A-Books Loud & Essential Oils for specific book suggestions. You can also check out the 2018 New York Times book reviews. Have you read any of these?

Pick Your Setting 

The big decision is indoors or outdoors. We already know it's hot outside, but if you live is a drier climate, it can still be an option. As long as you have some shade, it is usually fairly pleasant out there. In a humid climate, shade doesn't do much to help with the sauna like atmosphere so your party will likely need to be indoors. Wherever you end up, make it comfortable. Pillows, picnic blankets, and cushions are a must. If you are outside, how about a hammock? Don't limit yourself on the location. Make it a destination party. Head to the beach, the mountains, a park, the library, a coffee shop, etc.

Plan a Few Refreshments 

Every party needs something to nibble on. A pitcher of Essential Oil Flavored Lemonade or just a big jug of ice water with several drops of Lemon is a great start. If you are partying with kids, check out Healthy & Kid Friendly After-School Snacks for some ideas. Since it's summer, a frozen snack is always welcome. Try Strawberry Lime Nice Cream or a Green Smoothie.

Set the Mood

Anytime I throw a party, I diffuse essential oils to set the mood. Since we are looking for a generally quiet atmosphere at a reading party, I suggest an oil or blend that will promote a sense of calm. Lavender and Serenity Restful Blend are the obvious choices for that, but I suggest adding a citrus oil to balance the calm with a bit of energy. Try Lemon, Lime, Lavender, and Rosemary for a combo that manages to soothe and invigorate at the same time. Cheer Uplifting Blend is another option that will provide the perfect balance for a reading party.

Get going with the planning, or just grab a book and get the party started right away. Either way, I bet you'll want to make this a regular summer activity.  

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