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I may be dating myself, but I was a "tween" in the 80's (not that tween was even a word back then) when collecting and arranging stickers was all the rage. We would go to the mall and pour over rolls of stickers and pick out the perfect ones - puffy, glittery, metallic, scented - to go in our collections. When we got home, they would be placed in our sticker albums and admired over and over. I had two albums and to this day can still remember specific stickers and page layouts.  I've lost track of them, but keep hoping they will show up in an old box that has been stored away for years. Cross your fingers for me!

I'm not sure how long this hobby was around, but tweens today would probably think it sounds crazy! They collect Points, Pokemon, and Likes these days.  Fortunately, there is common ground - digital stickers!  They are just as cute and the possibilities are unlimited.  As for scents...well that's where essential oils come in, right?

Check out our I Heart Oils iMessage Sticker Pack and add some flair to your text conversations. If you use iMessage on your iPhone or iPad and are an essential oil fan or wellness advocate, they are for you! Share with your oil loving friends. It's more fun together!

Download them from the iTunes App Store today! 


1. Open an existing conversation thread in Messages or start a new conversation.

2. Tap the ">" icon then the App Store icon to the left of the text input box.

3. Tap the four dots in the lower-left corner to open the app drawer.

4. Tap "+" icon to access the iMessage App Store. 

5. Search for the I Heart Oils- Stickers for Wellness Advocates app, purchase, and click install. After the app downloads, you'll find it in your app drawer within iMessage.

6. Tap on an icon to send it like an emoji with or without additional text.

7. Touch, hold, and drag up to attach the sticker to images, chat bubbles, or other sticker. Layer stickers on top of each other to customize. You can also size and rotate stickers by dragging up, holding, then using another finder to size up, down or rotate. When you release- it will stay in the desired position.

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