Stepping Towards Wellness: The dōTERRA Wellness Model


The goal of "wellness" can be a little overwhelming. It doesn't have to be! Like most big projects, one of the best ways to tackle it is to break it down into smaller pieces. The doTERRA Wellness Model is a great way to do just that. You can use it to guide you as you take steps towards wellness - a state of physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health.

All of the steps on the pyramid are important, but a key idea is that the more lifestyle changes you make in the areas at the bottom of the pyramid, the more you may be able to avoid many of the costly health interventions that are so prevalent in our society.

Step 1: Eat Right

Eating properly is the foundation of the wellness pyramid. We can't expect to feel great if we aren't providing our body with the nutrients it needs. A total plant based diet is what we have chosen and recommend, but it is up to you to determine your own path to eating right. Incorporating more vegetables and fruits into your diet is an excellent way to start regardless of where you want to end up. In addition, try cutting out a few items that don't bring any value, especially items that are high in sugar. If you want a little help with proper nutrition, doTERRA has several supplements that can make it a little easier to get the nutrients you need. Don't forget to drink right too. That means lots of water. Read more about adaquate water intake here. For a little variety, add a drop of Lemon, Grapefruit, Wild Orange, or OnGuard Protective Blend to your water. 

Step 2: Exercise

Exercise is another foundational element of the wellness pyramid. To be most effective, it needs to become part of your daily routine. Find something that you will stick with - maybe a 30 minute walk on your lunch break or after dinner. If you prefer a more structured exercise regimen, take in a class at the gym before or after work a few times a week. Also, just keep moving! Take the stairs when you can, park in the far end of the parking lot, walk anywhere you can instead of driving. There are so many little ways to incorporate exercise into your day. Check out our posts about how essential oils can also help during and after your workout.

Step 3: Rest and Manage Stress

Proper rest gives our bodies a chance to recover and is important for overall wellness. It also makes us more likely to function at our best. Here are a few suggestions for improving the quality of your sleep:

I think rest and stress management naturally go together because if you don't have a handle on one, the other usually suffers as well. Besides the obvious emotional and mental impact of stress, it can also effect negatively affect physical health. Unfortunately, stress in life is not going away. That is why it so important to learn to manage it effectively. There are so many ways to manage stress. You will need to experiment to find out what works best for you. A couple of tips:

  • Just say "no". Many times we take on more than we should. 
  • Set aside time to relax. Work on a hobby, meditate, take a walk. Find something that gives you a chance to take a breath.
  • Essential oils can promote feelings of peace and calm. Try Wild Orange, Geranium, Balance Grounding Blend, Peace Reassuring Blend.
  • Make sure you are eating well and exercising.
  • Talk about the things in your life that are stressful. 

 Step 4: Reduce Toxic Load

Toxins are everywhere in our environment - in food, cleaning products, the air. Seriously, everywhere! The negative effects they have on us can undo some of the benefits we are getting from eating right, exercising, getting proper rest, and managing stress. Take steps to reduce your toxic load by eating organic, diffusing Purify Cleansing Blend, and using natural body care and cleaning products. We have several recipes for DIY products that make these types of items affordable.

 Step 5: Informed Self Care

Informed self care is the practice of educating yourself on the wellness options available to you. You know your needs and your family's needs better than anyone. Take the time to know what options are available to you as you step towards wellness. Essential oils can be used in so many ways to increase your control over your wellness journey. 

Step 6: Proactive Medical Care

Just because this is the last step on the pyramid doesn't mean it is the last step on your wellness journey. Routine, preventative care is essential and none of the other steps are intended as as substitute for professional medical advice and care.  

Wouldn't it be nice to just flip a switch and be living a lifestyle in complete harmony with wellness principles? Maybe a few individuals have done something like this, but for most of us, it can take a considerable amount of time to achieve the level of wellness we are striving for. And even then, you will likely find that adjustments are a constant part of the journey toward wellness. However, by following the doTERRA Wellness Model you will be on the right path to physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness!

What have you done to move forward on your wellness journey?

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  • Bruce Carlson

    Great article on wellness. This needs to be shouted from the roof tops. Most don’t care well of themselves and they don’t realize it. We have used essential oils for a long time.

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