Spring Back Into Fitness Safely

Spring Back Into Fitness

It can be hard to keep up your fitness program over the winter. Honestly, it can be hard not to want to curl up and hibernate all winter. Or is that just me? Anyway...if you took a less rigorous approach to your exercise routine last winter, here are a few steps to take as you ramp it back up this spring.

  • Start exercising at a lower intensity than where you left off. Progressively build up the intensity of your workout over a few weeks. Muscles, joints, and connective tissue need time to get back to where they were. If you try to do too much too fast, you risk injury. Decrease your distance, time, or weight depending on the type of workout you enjoy.
  • Use a heart rate monitor or activity tracker to make sure you are not overdoing it. They are also useful to make sure you are increasing intensity gradually, but consistently. They can also be very motivating for those that enjoy quantifying their efforts.
  • Pay attention to discomfort. If you are feeling excessive discomfort after working out you probably should take a day or two to recover and then dial back the intensity. Deep Blue Rub can help you ease discomfort related to exercise. Massage it into problem areas before and after your workout.
  • Take precautions to prevent damaging sun exposure. One of the best parts of spring is that it is sunny but not too hot. It can be warm but often times it is still a bit chilly and that makes it a little harder to remember that you need sun protection. If you are exercising outside, make sure that you apply sunscreen and consider wearing a hat.
  • Stay hydrated. Again, the lack of intense heat which makes spring so wonderful, makes it easy to focus less on hydration. Keep a water bottle handy and remember to drink often. Add a couple of drops of essential oil to your water. My favorite is Lemon, but there are tons of options. Read Essential Oil Enhanced Water for ideas.

What is your favorite outdoor spring workout?

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