Sound + Scent Playlist: Perfect Fall Day

Sound + Scent Playlist: Perfect Fall Day

Fall around here is a perfect mix of cool, crisp, sunny days & chill cozy nights. Is there anything better than golden fall light, the changing weather, changing leaves, sweaters, boots, and good music? Add some yummy fall scents and you've got a feel good combo even the biggest summer lover can't resist. 

To help you maximize the COZY this month, we've put together a playlist for you that combines aroma with sound- a great combo for some instant atmosphere and mood boosting. Gather the oils in the recipe below and get them going in your diffuser. Then, check out some of our favorite music that is both upbeat and chill- just like a perfect fall day! Thanks to my friends for their awesome song picks. Loving this playlist and hope you do too.

The blend contains three of our new oils- siberian fir, copaiba, and blue tansy along with favorites petitgrain and ginger. This has been our go-to diffuser blend for the past week or so. It's so yummy. Both grounding and uplifting. 

Have some other favorites you are loving right now? Leave a comment with what you'd add to your perfect fall day playlist. We'd love to know! 



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