Signs of Stress & Settle Down Blend


How much stress is too much? Stress appears on our daily basis and its causes are everywhere. While stress can be beneficial for productivity it could also have negative impact to our body. To effectively dealing with stress is to first recognize emotional signs then take actions to set goals to find your own balance for dealing it.


Mood swings are normal. If they occur occasionally and because of an identifiable cause, and you quickly snap back to normal, then it is just part of being human. However, mood swings can be a sign of dysfunction when they are chronic. When moodiness becomes constant and begins getting in the way of normal life, then it may be an indicator of undue stress. 


To be overwhelmed is to feel like you have been given “too much” of something. These feelings could stem from (seemingly) unrealistic work deadlines or multiple challenges occurring at the same time. Like most emotions, these feelings can even be natural (and positive) in small doses. But when you feel like you are unable to handle your responsibilities at all times, you may need to address those feelings of being overwhelmed. 

Low self-esteem

As research has shown, there is strong evidence for the “vulnerability model,” your sense of self is closely linked to your overall well-being. If you are affected by chronic feelings of low personal value, you are likely under excessive stress. 

Inability to relax

It is important to take time to decompress from daily stressors. Some quiet time alone, exercise, sleep, regardless of how you take some time to yourself to re-center and refocus, must happen. An inability to wind-down is an indicator that you may be unable to deal with the stress you are experiencing. The good news is, research has shown that relaxation techniques can be taught and may be quite effective.


Everybody falls somewhere along a spectrum of how much they enjoy and seek out companionship. It’s quite natural to prefer spending a lot of your time alone, but if you are actively seeking to avoid others, then you may have a stress overload. Research has shown that social avoidance is one of the key indicators of chronic stress.


Here's a great diffuser blend you could try when the signs of stress appear, it will help for relaxation and provide a sense of calmness. 

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