Should You Dilute Essential Oils For Topical Applications?

In short, the answer is "YES".  But have you ever wondered why?  It almost goes against common sense. I mean wouldn't you think that absent skin sensivities, if applying diluted essential oil topically has so many benefits, an undiluted application would be even more beneficial?  

But it turns out that the best way to get a localized, longer-lasting effect from applying essential oils topically is to dilute. You can read all about the science of it in "A Fresh Look at Dilution" on the doTerra blog.  Basically, the outermost layer of skin acts like a reservoir and over a period of time oils drain through to the inner skin layers.  When you use a carrier oil to dilute, the drain slows down increasing absorption and moisturizing.

So be sure to maximize the effects of your essential oils by diluting for topical applications.  doTerra's Fractured Coconut Oil is a great choice for your carrier oil and the I Heart Oils DIY Shop has many options for roller bottles and spray bottles that make it easy to blend and apply.