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Essential Oils and Science for Kids


If you have kids at home, August tends to be all about them. Between enjoying the last few weeks of summer and getting ready to send them back to school, there is a lot to fit in. So at I Heart Oils, we are going to be focusing on kids this month too.

A fun way to get the kids back into learning mode and to fill some time when they are inside taking a break from the heat is the doTERRA Science for Kids program. 

The program is made of learning modules, videos, experiments, coloring pages, and activities designed for kids. Each module can be accessed through doTERRA's blog in the Science for Kids section. Here are just a few examples of the modules:

There are so many to choose from. And I love that they are so simple to incorporate into your daily activities with your kids. Let's take a closer look at the Water-Soluable Vitamins module. 

doTERRA Science for Kids Water Soluble Vitamins

The module gives a short overview of nutrition and vitamins and goes on to explain that water-soluble vitamins are "vitamins that don’t get stored by your body. Instead, your body uses what it needs from what you’ve eaten and discards the rest. This makes it so you need to eat more water-soluble vitamins on a regular basis in order to meet your body’s needs." It then provides a couple of examples of these type of vitamin and how kids can incorporate them into their diets. It also includes two downloads, an experiment and a maze activity. 

And all of that is accessible from a single location. So cool! Seriously, the hardest part of putting together a learning activity at home can be scouring resources and putting all the information together before you even get started with you kids. doTERRA has done all that for you. That gets a big HOORAY and THANK YOU from me for sure! 

I'm just going to wrap up with this super cool video about density. So fun to watch and it makes the concept come to life for kids (and me).

Have you tried doTERRA's Science for Kids modules yet? If so, tell us about your experience.

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