Saving Frankincense


I am definitely a Frankincense fan. I use it often and love to diffuse it for a mood boost. Try it with Wild Orange - you'll love it too! But the story of Frankincense Essential Oil is so much more than just usage ideas and primary benefits. Watch this video to better understand what frankincense means to those that harvest it.

Unfortunately, in Somaliland, where doTERRA sources it's Frankincense Essential Oil, there are many threats to one of the prime harvesting locations. The area is called the Cal Madow ("the black mountains") and due to favorable conditions like altitude, high rainfall, and ocean mists, it is covered with a thick forest with high biodiversity. Boswellia trees that produce frankincense resin grow there. Unfortunately, over-cutting, drought, pests, and pollution are all contributing to a increasing threat against the Cal Madow and the frankincense producing trees that grow there. 

Conserve the Cal Madow (CCM) is a conservation and research project working to protect the Cal Madow forests and the frankincense economy which has deep agricultural and cultural roots in the area. Through their efforts in ecological research and monitoring, establishment of best practices, water conservation, supply chain enhancement and more, CCM is working not only to protect the Cal Madow forests but to ensure a fair and sustainable frankincense economy for generations to come.

Take a few minutes to explore It is so important to understand where the products that we use come from. There is so much work that goes into each and every bottle of doTERRA Frankincense Essential Oil. Your interest and support can go a long way to making Frankincense sourcing sustainable and economically beneficial to those that harvest it. 

Here is a more in depth video about doTERRA's Co-Impact Sourcing efforts in Somaliland.

doTERRA's commitment to people and natural resources never ceases to amaze me. It is amazing to be part of this company! 

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