Round Up: Organized Homekeeping


What is home keeping? Basically, it is making sue that your home is maintained and functioning efficiently. It might include managing family finances, scheduling appointments and other events, making sure your home is well stocked, and completing daily activities like food prep, cleaning, and laundry. It should also include regular maintenance on the interior and exterior of the home. It's a big job and should be shared by all members of the household.

Whether you are trying to juggle work and a family, kids' activities and your commitments, or toddlers and sanity, applying some principles of organization to your life can help make home keeping manageable. Fundamentally, organization is just taking time to identify your goals and values and then taking steps to work towards them. Checklists, schedules, binders, labels, spreadsheets, budgets, etc. are all just tools to assist you.

We've rounded up a few resources to help you make sure things at home are chugging along smoothly so that you can focus on what is truly important to you.

I Heart Oils Articles

Below are I Heart Oils posts that can guide you along your home keeping journey.

Other Resources

The following websites have lots of free printables and tips for decluttering, meal management, efficient cleaning, and tons more.

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How do you keep your home running smoothly?

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  • Bruce Carlson

    Organization is important not only in the home, we can use it everywhere it our lives. Thanks for the resources.

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