Roller Bottle Blend: Youthful Skin

Essential Oil Skin Blend

This blend is a powerhouse combination of essential oils to help the skin with a more youthful appearance. Use a roller bottle to apply it a couple of times a day to fresh, clean skin. It's even better with a little light massage after the application.  

The oils in it support skin by:

Lavender- soothes skin and calms occasional skin irritations.

Geranium- helps boost the appearance of skin with a glowing even skin tone.

Roman Chamomile- also helps soothe and calm skin.

Frankincense- a powerful oil that helps rejuvenate skin with healthy inflammatory response and cellular health.

Fennel- helps with skin detox, tightening, and supports healthy connective tissue.

Arborvitae- has great properties of preservation, cleansing, and purifying.

Try it and let us know what you think!