Roller Bottle Blend: Snow Moon


Tonight there is a full moon (called the snow moon), an eclipse, and a meteor passing close. It’s significant that these three astrological events are occurring on the same night. It’s been suggested that the increased atmospheric energy these create can influence moods and emotions. Are you feeling it?

It can be a time of abrupt changes and heavy emotion that leads to finding a renewed sense of purpose. The snow moon is a good time to forgive, let go what no longer serves and focus on creation.

The oils in the Snow Moon blend can be supportive:

  • Lemon is a clarifier. It can encourage focus and awareness. 
  • Juniper Berry helps us to face fears, complete tasks, and learn any lessons we need for our growth. 
  • Clary Sage is an oil that supports changing perceptions and promotes prosperity and peace. 
  • Spikenard encourages forgiveness and letting go. It can help us feel grateful and complete. 
  • Melissa brings light to our lives, helps us be open to divine guidance in finding our uniqueness, and encourages strength, cheerfulness, and joy.

The blend smells deep, complex, earthly, with a bit of a light zesty floral.

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