Re-using Essential Oil Bottles

Ever wonder what to do with all of your empty essential oil bottles? I mean, I know I have a huge collection of empties at my house. The bottles are made of such high quality material, I try to re-use as many of them as possible so I am always on the look out for ideas. 

Prepping Bottles for Reuse

Once you have used every last drop of your essential oil, you are ready to clean the bottle in preparation for reuse. The process is simple. Just follow these steps.
  • Remove the orifice reducer and the cap. (Tip: Use an essential oil key to easily remove the orifice reducers.)
  • Add the empty oil bottle to a bag of Epsom Salts. Seal the bag and let it sit for several days. The Epsom Salts will soak up the remaining oil residue and will become infused with essential oil's aroma so you can use them in a warm bath or foot soak.
  • Soak the bottles, lids, and orifice reducers in hot soapy water. (I use Castile Liquid Soap.) Then, rinse well and dry.

Ideas for Re-using Bottles

  • My favorite way to re-use empty bottles is to fill them up with more essential oils, of course. There are so many options. Here are a few...
    • Mix a batch of your favorite diffuser blend. When you are ready to fill your home with that aroma, you can simply add the pre-mixed blend to the diffuser instead of having to add each oil separately.
    • By adding a roller ball insert, you can take any empty essential oil bottle and turn it into a roller bottle. Fill these bottles with fractionated coconut oil and your favorite oils for topical use to make application a breeze. If you create custom roller bottle blends, add them to your emptied and cleaned bottles.
    • Simply divide your oils into multiple bottles so your oils can be in several places at one time. Like to keep Peppermint by your nightstand and in your purse? No problem. When you empty one bottle, pour half of the replacement bottle into the old one. No more trying to remember to grab your Peppermint before heading out the door.
    • Use empty bottles to share your essential oils with friends, family members, and customers. You can create custom blends as gifts for any occasion. Use as samples for potential customers and as giveaways if you teach a class.
  • Think outside of the essential oil box. If you get a little creative, you will come up will all kinds of uses for empty bottles. These will get you started...
    • Fill cleaned bottles with carrier oil so you will always have some in your purse or when traveling. (I admit this one isn't too far out of the essential oil box.)
    • Make a tiny vase. Fill with a real or faux flowers and place several on a window sill to catch the sunlight.
    • Make fun lights for your patio. Fit one bottle over each bulb on a strand of clear Christmas lights. String them in your backyard and get the party started.
    • If you are crafty, use them to store small beads and other small craft supplies.
    • Simply use empty essential oil bottles as a design element. They will evoke the feel of an old fashioned apothecary.
    • Store herbs and spices in them. Print out some cute labels and leave them within easy reach of your stove or prep area in the kitchen. They bring a clean, cohesive look to your herb and spice collection.
    • Add diffuser reeds for a low tech diffuser. I love to keep these in small spaces like bathrooms for a continuous, pleasant aroma.


If you still can't use up all of your empty essential oil bottles, you can always recycle them. Find out what the options are in your area. If glass is not picked up, you can usually find a drop off location near you. Earth911 enables you to search for recycle options by zip code. 
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Do you have ideas for reusing your empty essential oil bottles? Please share! I can use all the ideas I can get.

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