Read-A-Loud Books & Essential Oils

Read Aloud Ideas and Essential Oils


Most parents read aloud to their babies, preschoolers, and young elementary aged children. This is a cherished evening or bedtime tradition that often fades away as children get older and start reading on their own. However, there is general consensus among experts that continuing this habit throughout childhood can have lasting impact on children. Among the benefits are increased literacy and language development. 

My personal experience is that in addition to the benefits mentioned above, the greatest reward is sharing time, ideas, and wonderful literature with your children. Even my teenagers still enjoy an evening read aloud session. They might grumble a bit when summoned, but they are often ready for another chapter when I finish reading. 

Essential Oils & Read Alouds

Adding essential oils to your read aloud routine can help establish the habit and set the mood. If you are reading at bedtime, try diffusing a relaxing oil like Lavender or Roman Chamomile. Or, you could apply our Good Night Roller Bottle Blend to the bottom of your children's feet or the backs of their necks. If you are reading a more complicated book to an older child, give InTune Focus Blend a try or diffuse a combination of Rosemary, Peppermint, and Wild Orange.

Some Of Our Favorites

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What are some of your favorite read aloud books? 


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