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Sharing samples is such a great way to share your love of essential oils. It can be a very effective way of introducing someone to doTERRA and their products. Sometimes this will happen in a more structured environment like a class, but if you are prepared it can happen almost anywhere. That's where vials, eye dropper bottles, and mini bottles come in. They are perfect for keeping a small amount of an oil or blend on hand at all times just in case opportunity comes knocking. We have a several choices for each of the following types of bottles in our I Heart Oils Shop.

  • Eye Dropper Bottles: The smaller sized bottles are perfect to keep handy for sharing a sample wherever you are. Larger bottles are great for dispensing the right amount of drops when you are creating a blend or a DIY project. 
  • Vials: You can use an eye dropper to add a a few drops of a popular essential oil to a vial. Keep a several with you as samples for friends, family members, or anyone else. These are an excellent choice for sharing a DIY cologne like our Unicorn Vibes Cologne.
  • Mini Bottles: Ok, first of all, they are just cute! You know, tiny baby shoes kind of cute. Beyond that, they are super useful at classes. Mini bottles are a fantastic giveaway option. Everyone loves a freebie after all and it is totally doable when you are dealing with 1ml bottles. 

Check out doTERRA's Tips for Sharing to get more ideas for sharing your passion for essential oils. I love the idea of putting a drop on a sample card or business card! All of the products listed above make it easy to share a drop.

To view the items we have available, go to the Sample Vials and Dropper Bottles page of the I Heart Oils Shop.

How do you like to share samples of your oils and blends?

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  • Bruce Carlson

    My wife uses these bottle types for her presentations. They work well.

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