Product Spotlight: Essential Oil Cases


We've been talking a lot about adventuring and traveling recently including tons of suggestions for oils that you will want to have with you when you are on the road. One tip that I have for you is to invest in a good essential oil travel case. You and I both know that essential oils themselves are an investment in your family's well being and you want to protect that investment. 

Tips for Choosing a Travel Case

  • Make sure your essential oil bottles will remain upright.
  • Look for dividers to keep your bottles from banging against each other. 
  • Padded or foam dividers are especially useful if the case will be in checked luggage or taken along on a rugged adventure like 4-wheeling.
  • Check to make sure it will hold all the oils you plan to take.
  • Verify that the size will work for the space you have to pack.
  • If you plan to bring accessories like pipettes, toothpicks, etc., make sure there is a place to store them.
  • While these carrying cases are perfect for travel, they are also great anytime for organizing, storing, transporting, and displaying your essential oils. 

Take a look at our selection of essential oil cases in the I Heart Oils Shop.

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