Plant Based Pressure Cooker Meals for Fall & Winter

Buckle up everybody, we're heading into a busy holiday season. Busy days often make it a lot trickier to get a healthy meal on the table. Pressure cookers can help you keep your nutrition goals on track even when life gets crazy. So - you know - pretty much every day! A meal that is cost saving, time saving, and healthy is a big WIN in my book.
My family loves our pressure cooker so much that we use it daily. In fact, I'm considering getting a second one to take a little pressure off our pressure cooker. (Pun intended.) Below, you will find lots of recipes to keep you healthy, warm, and sane this holiday season.
That ought to keep your pressure cooker (or cookers) busy for a while! They are a lifesaver for time crunched families. Any pressure cooker fans out there? Share your favorite recipes in the comments.
Essential oils are a great way to add big flavor to all sorts of dishes including pressure cooker recipes. Purchase your oils below.
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  • Carla

    I’ve been plant based (aka vegan) since 2001, LOVE to cook & am an instant pot fanatic! This post checks all of my favorite boxes. Thank you!

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