Master Your Metabolism for Healthy Weight

Healthy Metabolism
We've all heard the word metabolism thrown around in conversations related to health, weight, and fitness. But what exactly is metabolism? Simply put, it is the set of chemical reactions which take place in our bodies to convert the food and liquids we consume into the energy that sustains our cells. Often the word "metabolism" is used interchangeably for "metabolic rate". Metabolic rate is the number of calories your body burns while at rest. If you have a fast or high metabolic rate, you will burn more calories than some with a slow or low metabolic rate. There is a lot of debate about whether metabolic rate can be changed or if it is simply genetic.
What we do know is that understanding your metabolism can enable you to make wise decisions that can help you to reach and maintain a healthy weight. If you are trying to lose weight, it is important to burn more calories than you consume. However, simply limiting calories is seldom the answer. There are many factors that influence your metabolism and your metabolic rate. Below we look at several specific areas where you can implement healthy changes to support your metabolism.

Set Goals

January is prime time for setting goals and making resolutions. Many of those goals and resolutions are aimed at getting to a healthy weight. If your goal is to "lose weight", you are most likely in for some disapointment. Often people embark on a journey of deprivation in order to lose weight. Or, undertake a fad diet that just isn't sustainable. After some initial success, many regain the weight they lost and then add a bit more. It is better to focus on lifestyle changes that can be implemented and maintained. Commit to and focus on the ultimate goal of health and wellness. There are steps you can take to acheive real and lasting success. The following articles and video will help you reach your weight goals as well as goals in other areas of your life.


Often when we feel hungry, we are actually misinterpreting the signals our body is sending to tell us it needs water. It is always a good idea to consume a glass of water before eating to try to satiate your feelings of hunger. 
You should also consume water through the day. There is a simple calculation to determine how much water you should consume daily.
Current Weight x .5 = Ounces of Water per Day
(Add 12oz per 30 Minutes of Exercise)
150lb x .5 = 75oz of Water per Day
(If you take a 60 mintue walk, add 24oz for a total of 99oz.)
Water doesn't have to be boring. Adding essential oils is a natural way to add flavor and nutrition without adding calories. A drop or two of Lemon Essential Oil is my go to, but there are so many options. A cup of warm essential oil tea is an excellent way to add to your water intake.


We can't address reaching and maintaining a healthy weight without talking about food. If you are trying to lose weight by severely restricting the amount of food you eat, you may be setting yourself up for failure. It is better to focus on the quality of food you are eating and not the quanity. As much as possible, stick with plant-based, whole foods - vegetables, fruits, grains, beans, etc. Eat plant-based fats such as nuts and oils sparingly. A key to feeling full while losing weight is to learn about food density. Here is a great introduction to get you started.

Below are a few more resources to help you incorporate more plant-based eating into your diet. Always focus on progress over perfection.


There are many paths to fitness. The exercise you choose doesn't matter as much as your ability to maintain it for the long term. You need to make sure you enjoy doing whatever it is you choose and that you can fit into your life without too much difficulity. And, don't be afraind to mix it up and keeps things fresh. I also like to focus on simply finding ways to move more every day. Even if you don't make it to the gym or get in a 60 miute walk or bike ride, you can choose the stairs over the elevator, park far away from store entrances, spend 20 minutes cleaning, play with your kids, etc. The resources below will help you get moving.




Emotional wellness plays a significant role in our overall health and our ability to stick with our wellness plan including our weight management goals. Many of us attempt to mask our negative feelings with food and celebrate our positive feelings with food. These can be habits so ingrained in us that they are difficult to even recognize.
There are healthy ways to handle both postive and negative emotions that take food completely out of the equation.My go to method of supporting healthy emotions is aromatherapy with essential oils. They can be used alone or as the perfect complement to other emotional wellness tools like mediation, breathing exercises, physical activity, and tapping. Below are some resources for general emotional health using essential oils as well as a guided tapping video focused on improving your ability to make healthy food choices. 


If you enjoy sleep as much as I do, it's good news that adaquete sleep can help you reach and maintain a healthy weight. The tricky part is actually geting  adequate sleep. The following resources will help you create better sleep habits to support overall health and wellness.

Self Care

Be kind to yourself. It is so easy to get beaten down in a world full of pressures, commitments, stress, and negativity. Once that happens, wellness goals like weight managment are quickly undermined. Look for the positive in the world - it is out there. Also, take time for some of your favorite activities that recharge your body and soul. There are so many ways to engage in self care. Here are a few to get your thinking.
Self Care

Essential Oil Support Protocol

Essential oils aren't just for aromatherapy when it comes to supporting your weight managment goals. Many oils have specific properties that can help support a healthy metabolism when taken internally.* Implement the following protocol to help you acheive your goals.

  • Breakfast: Take the Lifelong Vitality Supplements (2 from each bottle: Microplex VMzxEO Mega, Alpha CRS+) with your first meal and 2-3 drops Slim & Sassy Metabolic Blend (softgels or add to your own veggie capsule).
  • Lunch:  Take 2-3 drops Slim & Sassy (softgels or add to your own veggie capsule) prior to eating.
  • Dinner: Take the Lifelong Vitality Supplements (2 from each bottle) and 2-3 drops Slim & Sassy (softgels or add to your own veggie capsule) prior to eating.
  • Bedtime: 1-2 drops Yarrow|Pom under the tongue, in a veggie capsule, or in tea.

Product Checklist:

  • Lifelong Vitality Supplements (2 from each bottle: Microplex VMzxEO Mega, Alpha CRS+): Take 2 from each bottle with morning and evening meals. 
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