Make an Essential Oil Travel Kit


For me, traveling with essential oils has become a MUST. I've become so used to the awesome daily support oils provide, I just don't want to leave home without them–especially being thrown into unknown circumstances, locations, foods, etc. I feel a lot better knowing I have my favorite tools with me.  

Ideally, I'd like to take my entire collection. You too? Haha! If you are traveling by car, it's a little easier to pack whatever you want. But, air travel is another story. TSA has its restrictions and although I would love to check an extra bag with all my essential oils and supplies, it isn't affordable and who wants to haul around an extra suitcase? Not me. So, I've learned a few tricks that make bringing my favorites a little easier.

I like to make mini versions of my favorite products and package them up for easy transport that is TSA friendly. Check out my shopping guide for some resources when compiling your own Essential Oil Travel Kit.

Essential Oil Travel Kit
  • TerraShield Outdoor Blend Spray  This natural repellent spray is always handy, but is especially useful if you will be spending time outdoors while traveling.
  • On Guard Throat Drops  A quick way to soothe a dry, scratchy throat.* These drops also strengthen the body's natural defenses.* I like to keep a few in my pocket when on planes or other forms of mass transportation.
  • Travel Diffuser (Left, Right)  Take your aromatherapy on the road with you or use to purify the air in your car or hotel room. I like to diffuse something invigorating in the car like a Peppermint and Lemon blend and something soothing in the hotel. Lavender or Serenity Restful Blend are both excellent choices for winding down at night. 
  • Citrus Bliss Hand Lotion  Does your skin seem to dry out more when you travel? Mine does. Take this lotion along with you to moisturize and give yourself a little mood boost with its amazing aroma. At 2.75 oz, it is TSA approved.
  • Essential Oil Pouch  Choose one (or more) of our custom essential oil pouches to organize all your oils and body care products for travel.
  • Mini Roller Bottles  Mini essential oil bottles are the cutest! Even better they are so convenient - especially for travel. Mix up your favorite blend or simply add your favorite oils to these mini roller bottles for simple application anywhere your travels take you.
  • Travel Jars  I avoid large bottles of body care products whenever I can when traveling. Add lotions, creams, and even toothpaste to these little jars. Fill from your doTERRA favorites or your own DIY products.
  • Mini Foamer Pumps  Another option for your DIY or doTERRA products. Useful for travel size hand soap, haircare, etc. I'm not a huge fan of hotel bar soap so I always take a pump bottle of hand soap with me on trips.
  • Supplement Case  Packing large supplement bottles just takes up too much room so I use a supplement case to bring along just what I need. These are some of my favorite supplements for travel:
  • Aromatherapy Nasal Inhalers Stash in your pocket or bag to use whenever you need a little aromatherapy. These are perfect for planes and other forms of mass transportation where others may not appreciate your personal aromatherapy choices.
  • AromaTouch Blend A soothing blend that is designed to enhance massage. An excellent way to unwind after a day of travel and adventure.
  • Mini Spray Bottles These little bottles are so versatile. I use them for hair spray, breath spray, cooling spray, room spray, etc. Perhaps I'll fill one with the new doTERRA On Guard Mouthwash for my next trip.
  • On Guard Sanitizing Mist  It's not always possible to wash your hands as often as you'd like when traveling. Use this sanitize and kill germs on your skin when soap and water aren't available.* 
  • Squeeze Bottles More tiny bottles! I really can't have enough of them. These squeeze bottle are perfect for shampoo, conditioner, laundry soap, etc. Fill with your doTERRA favorites and DIYs.

    What are your must-have essential oil travel items? Click the button below to pick up your favorites.

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