Kids and Essential Oils

doTERRA Essential Oils and Kids

Have you been wondering about using essential oils with children? This short presentation explores the benefits and safety guidelines of using oils with kids.

I use dōTerra essential oils with my kids and love the convenience of the Touch kits that are pre-diluted to safe ratios. There is a Touch kit with most of the Family Essentials oils as well as a Touch kit with the Emotional Aromatherapy kit. These are a great way to start receiving the benefits of doTerra essential oils and other products created with kids in mind. 

I recommend the Family Wellness Kit if you are just starting out and want to get a great kid friendly set of oils. You can check out all the available doTerra enrollment kits HERE. If none of them are exactly what you need, we can customize one just for you! Contact me, I'd love to help you get started on better health and wellness for the whole family.