June 2017 Focus: Philanthropy


The word philanthropy comes from the Latin philanthropia. When breaking down its roots, it literally means "love of mankind". Modern usage of philanthropy has evolved to include an element of action. According to Merriam Webster, the current definition is: "goodwill to fellow members of the human race; especially: active effort to promote human welfare".

It is so important and beneficial to make philanthropy a regular part of our lives. This notion goes back thousands of years. Confucius said,

"If you want happiness for a year, inherit a fortune. If you want happiness for a lifetime, help someone else."

And this isn't just conventional wisdom. Studies have shown that generosity not only benefits the recipient, but the giver as well. The Huffington Post article "7 Science - Backed Reasons Why Generosity is Good For Your Health" by Amanda L. Chan lists promoting good mental health, reduced stress, longer lifespans, and stronger relationships among the benefits of generosity.

So during June, we will explore the concept of philanthropy and how it can make our lives and our world better. This has me super excited and I hope you are too! We will share ideas for giving and look at examples of how people are impacting each other's lives. There is so much need in the world - each of us can definitely make a difference! 

I know many of you are already service oriented. Leave a comment below and share with us an experience of helping others and how it affected you. 

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