How to use I Heart Oils iMessage Stickers for iPhone


I recently released a fun set of iMessage stickers for wellness advocates and essential oil fans. I've seen a few questions come in on how to use them. This app was made just for within iMessage. It's a tiny bit different than using normal apps so I included some instructions on how to get access to them on your iPhone.


1. Open an existing conversation thread in Messages or start a new conversation.

2. Tap the ">" icon then the App Store icon to the left of the text input box.

3. Tap the four dots in the lower-left corner to open the app drawer.

4. Tap "+" icon to access the iMessage App Store. 

5. Search for the I Heart Oils- Stickers for Wellness Advocates app, purchase, and click install. After the app downloads, you'll find it in your app drawer within iMessage.

6. Tap on an icon to send it like an emoji with or without additional text.

7. Touch, hold, and drag up to attach the sticker to images, chat bubbles, or other sticker. Layer stickers on top of each other to customize. You can also size and rotate stickers by dragging up, holding, then using another finder to size up, down or rotate. When you release- it will stay in the desired position. 


I use my phone and texting a lot in my business and I'm guessing you do to! I thought that adding some illustrations to break up all the info and give a little personality to the message would be a fun addition. I created icons for a wide variety of purposes and uses. There's over 250 stickers in this pack! There are some colored icons, some phrases, and some black and white versions.

You can use them to teach a basic intro to essential oils class and introduce what oils are and how to use them. Grab your favorite teaching tear sheet and find icons in the set to go along with the info and links you send. What about safety? Grab the icons and use the caution icon or cross out the item with the red circle icon. You can layer the stickers right on top of each other.

Idea: Send a photo of a usage idea and then add the safety precautions over the top of the image. 


There are also stickers to help you stay connected to your customers. If you are running a promo, want to share what the latest sales are, or want to share how to order- you can do that using stickers. 

You can also use this set to help you build your business, mentor your leaders, engage with and encourage your business partners. Share icons along with invitations to attend classes, share business tips, remind about upcoming training webinars, celebrate rank advancements and other achievements and more. 


I'm having blast using these stickers and I hope you will too! You can download them from the App Store and start using them in minutes. Thanks for your support everyone! 

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