Holiday Gift Ideas From doTERRA

doTERRA Holiday Gift Ideas


Trying to figure out the perfect gift for everyone on your list? Look no further than your collection of doTERRA essential oils. They are a great starting point for so many gifts. In general, I like to give gifts that are practical and also promote wellness so essential oils are a perfect fit.

Body Care Gifts

I love giving natural body care products like foaming hand soap, lotion bars, or body spray. I think these bath salt ornaments are a stroke of pure genius.

Bath Salt Ornaments

doTERRA Essential Oil Bath Salt Ornament

  • Round Plastic Ornaments
  • 1 cup Epsom Salt
  • 5–10 drops Essential Oil(s) of Choice
  1. Mix desired amount of Epsom salt in bowl and add some skin-safe colorant if desired
  2. Add dried herbs or flower petals to mixture for color and added aroma
  3. Add the essential oils of your choice; mix well
  4. Add the bath salt to plastic ornaments until full
  5. Once full, put the top of ornament back on
  6. When ready to use, add desired amount to warm bath

We have shared tons of body care recipes over the years. For a round-up of some of our favorites, go to our Personal Care page.

Gifts for the Home 

Give the gift of aromatherapy. If you are staying with family or friends this holiday season, bring along a diffuser and a bottle of essential oil to leave behind as a thank you gift. Holiday Joy Blend would be perfect. Or, make a large batch of a holiday scented room spray and fill 2oz or 4oz spray bottles. Attach a cute tag with a ribbon and you have a festive and useful gift that works for anyone. This easy Holiday Room Spray is inviting, uplifting, and will promote a happy environment during your holiday festivities. 

Holiday Room Spray

doTERRA Essential Oil Holiday Room Spray

  1. In glass spray bottle add essential oils and top off with water. 
  2. To use, shake the bottle then spray.
Note: Depending on the size of your spray bottle you may wish to use more or less, but make sure to keep the ratio of twice the amount of Douglas Fir to equal parts Frankincense and Grapefruit.
Non-toxic, homemade cleaning products enhanced with essential oils and dressed up with ribbons and bows, can be a welcome gift. We all need them right? 

 Food Gifts

Since I'm a huge advocate of plant-based eating, I like to share some yummy and healthy holiday treats with friends and neighbors. Here are a few recipes that make great gifts.

Essential Oils and Blends

Sometimes the best gift is simply sharing a favorite essential oil or blend. You can do full sized bottles or divide the oils into smaller bottles. Mix your favorite oil with fractionated coconut oil for a roller bottle blend. You can personalize each gift by really trying to match the oils to the recipient's needs. Citrus Bliss Invigorating Blend for a friend juggling many roles and responsibilities. Console Comforting Blend for a neighbor dealing with loss or loneliness. Lavender for new parents struggling with a restless infant. 

There are so many options! We hope you can use at least some of the ideas we've shared. Just remember that when you include essential oils in your gift giving, you are also giving the gift of wellness and that is priceless.

Please share your ideas for essential oil holiday gifts in a comment. We love to hear from you!

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