Hints for Helping New Habits Stick


It's crazy how fast time can go by! We are almost a month into the new year already. For some of us that means we are almost a month into a new year's resolution or goal. I'd bet there are a least a few of us that are having trouble sticking to our plans. Here are a few hints that can help a new habit stick. Remember, goals are not about perfection. If you have already slipped up, don't worry. That is no reason to give up! Just give it another try - you never know, it might just stick this time.

Keep It Simple

Don't focus on huge changes. Instead, break it down into smaller, more manageable steps. Want better eating habits? Increase your fruit and vegetable intake by one serving a day. Commit to drinking a certain amount of water each day. Don't try to change your entire diet overnight. 

Write It Down

Somehow writing down a goal makes it more reachable. You could start a goal journal. Write down the goal, why you chose it, and how you plan to meet it. Then keep track of successes and failures and what went into them. This will help you replicate successes which will lead to new habits.

Build a Support System 

Another way to realize a goal and turn it into a habit is to tell someone about it and enlist them to cheer you on. Tell a family member, a friend, or join an online community. If you are trying to exercise more, finding a workout buddy can often make a huge difference. If I'm trying to make a habit of walking at 6am, I am a lot more likely to stick to it if I know my walking buddy is out there waiting for me. 

Reward Yourself

I'm not talking about a reward after the goal is met. I mean something that provides a payoff while you are working on it. For example, want to stay on top of the laundry this year, but can't stand to fold it? Allow yourself to watch a favorite TV show only when folding laundry. I'll bet you'll be washing everything you can find just to get your fix. If you are trying to be more organized, for every organizing project you accomplish treat yourself to a nice, warm bath where you can relax and feel good knowing there is more order in your life. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to the water to make it an even better reward.

Create a Motivating Environment

Think about how your surroundings affect your ability to make the desired habit a reality. If you are trying to wake up earlier, you might want to open your shades at night so the morning sunlight comes in. Or, keep a bottle of Peppermint Essential Oil or Citrus Bliss Invigorating Blend on your nightstand. Open the bottle and inhale it's aroma first thing for a bit of energy to get going. Conversely, if going to bed earlier is on your agenda, turn off the lights and the electronic devices and diffuse a relaxing oil like LavenderVetiverRoman ChamomileSerenity Restful Blend. You can always wear a piece of diffuser jewelry to create a empowering environment wherever you are. Try Motivate Encouraging Blend for help creating a new habit. 

These are just a few ideas. What has worked for you when trying to acquire a new habit? Share with us in a comment.

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