Healthier Halloween Tricks & Treats

Healthier Tricks & Treats


Halloween can be so fun! Costumes, frights, tricks, and treats! Unfortunately, sometimes the treats and can derail your best healthy intentions. For many families it may not be realistic or even desirous to cut out all traditional treats. But it is possible to at least cut back on how much sugar your kids (and you) consume at this spooky time of year. Incorporate some or all of these ideas into you Halloween festivities. You can still have an amazing holiday while keeping your overall wellness goals in mind.

Healthy Tips, Tricks, & Treats

  • Think outside of the candy bag when choosing what to give to Trick-or Treaters. Ok, let's be real here, most kids just want to amass a huge pile of candy and they probably will with or without you. So why not be that house that gives out something else? Sure some kids will probably give your non-traditional "treat" an eye roll or a groan, but others will appreciate it and lots of parents will too. Either way you can feel good about being the house that lightened the sugar load a bit. Try one of these items instead of candy:
    • Glow Sticks
    • Mini Flashlights
    • Play Dough (Try making Aromatherapy Play Dough from doTERRA.)
    • Bubbles
    • Pencils
    • Erasers
    • Vampire Teeth (Glow-in-the-dark for extra fun.)
    • Skinny Pop Halloween Packs (Or another all natural, plant-based packaged snack.)
    • Mini Water Bottles
    • Mandarin Oranges
    • Natural Fruit Leather
  • Make healthy meals and snacks festive with fun Halloween recipes that will delight your family and friends. My kids love it when I incorporate spooky, creepy, or otherwise festive food into our menu plans during the Halloween season. Try one of recipes below. They are great for parties too. The last two recipes are fun alternatives to sugary treats at school Halloween parties.
  • Utilize essential oils to avoid Halloween stress and frustration. It's not just all the sugar that can make Halloween tricky. Costumes can be a nightmare all on their own. And some thrills are fun, but not when they keep kids from sleeping afterwards. Keep your emotional wellness in mind and try to head off unnecessary stress. Here are a few essential oil tips to keep things running smoothly during the Halloween season.
    • Have a Peppermint spray handy to keep things cool in a hot costume. Just add a few drops of Peppermint to a spray bottle and then fill with water.
    • Use Lemon to remove sticky labels from costumes, props, and decorations.
    • To keep costumes smelling fresh, add a couple of drops of Purify Cleansing Blend to your washer. Or, combine a few drops with water to create a fabric spray for costumes that can't be washed.
    • Despite our best efforts, Halloween can be a time of overindulgence. Keep a bottle of DigestZen Digestive Blend handy in case of upset tummies.
    • Create a "monster" or "ghost" spray if a little one gets a little too spooked by Halloween stories, shows, or decorations. Add a few drops of Lavender to water in a spray bottle to keep away the ghouls before bedtime.

Do you have tips for keeping Halloween healthy? If so, please share in a comment. We love to hear from you!

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