Healing Hands Foundation: California Wildfires


The past several months have brought complete devastation to multiple California communities. Wildfires have ravaged neighborhoods as well as wilderness areas. Many lives have been lost and others have been changed forever by the fires and the mudslides that have followed. 

The Healing Hands Foundation (HHF), doTERRA's charitable aid organization, contributed to the relief efforts along with so many other organizations and individuals. Those of us that work with doTERRA often hear about some of the larger HHF initiatives like their partnerships with Days for Girls and Operation Underground Railroad. But there are so many smaller projects, like those that provided relief to California wildfire survivors, underway all the time. 

For example, many of the students enrolled in Gateway to College, a northern California program for students aged 16-21 who are in need of high school recovery credit, were directly affected by the wildfires. The HHF donated doTERRA Emotional Aromatherapy Touch Kits that were included in sensory kits used to help the students cope with the stress and anxiety brought on by the disaster.

On another front, doTERRA Diamond Leader, Jen Broas, and the HHF supplied products to Wellness Advocates and their families in the Santa Rosa area who had lost their homes. These products were essential during a time of great need and uncertainty.

Find out more about the Healing Hands Foundation HERE.

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 - HHF Donates to Help Families Displaced by Fires in Santa Rosa
 - Gateway to College


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