Have Less To Do


This month, we have talked a lot about organization. Staying on top of organization helps you have the time to do everything you need to. But as a final though this month, what if instead of just keeping your busy life organized, you actually cut out some of the things that you "need to do"? 

I love this concept! It hearkens back to our first post of the month, A Minimalist Mindset. Maybe we shouldn't always be to striving to get the most accomplished. Maybe we should take some guidance from Francine Jay of Miss Minimalist...

“My goal is no longer to get more done, but rather to have less to do.”

In How to Have Less To Do by Erica Layne (The Life On Purpose Movement), there are 14 excellent and specific suggestions on how to cut down on your to-do list. She starts with some minutia type suggestions like "automate when possible" and moves on to bigger picture ideas like "know your values and live them". Make sure you read to the end to get the whole concept. It is a great article and can help you as you move toward having more time to dedicate to the things and people that you value most. 

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