Green Spring Cleaning

Feeling renewed and more alive with the arrival of spring? I am! There are so many things I want to do with that energy. One of them is to tackle some spring cleaning. For some reason when I think of spring cleaning, I picture taking a heavy rug outside, hanging it on a clothes line, and then beating it with a broom while months of built up dust fills the air. I have NEVER in my life done this and probably never will, but that's where my mind goes. Too many episodes of Little House on the Prairie is my guess. (As if that's possible!)
In the modern day and age, spring cleaning looks a little bit different. We tend to build up possessions instead of dust. So, whatever needs to be cleaned in your home, take this annual opportunity to make some progress on your organization and cleaning goals. Every little bit of effort will help your home feel more peaceful and fresh. Especially if you stick with environmentally friendly cleaning practices.

Use Toxin Free Cleaners

There is no need to use harsh, conventional cleaning products. There are plenty of natural cleaners on the market that work just as well and leave a safe environment for your family. You can purchase ready-made "green" products at most stores that sell conventional cleaning products. If you'd like a ready-made product that uses essential oils, try doTERRA OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate. Use it straight for tough jobs or dilute for everyday cleaning. Here are the guidelines for use:
  • Multi-purpose: Mix 2 tbsp of concentrate per 24 oz. of water.
  • Bathrooms: Mix 3 tbsp of concentrate per 24 oz. of water.
  • Dishes: Mix 3 tbsp of concentrate per gallon of water.
  • Tough Jobs: Apply concentrate directly on designated area and let soak. (Avoid direct use on hardwood and natural stone.) 

DIY Your Cleaning Products

If you've got the time (and it really doesn't take much), I highly recommend DIY cleaning products. It is so inexpensive and cost can be a drawback for commercially available green cleaners. It just takes a few basic ingredients and you are all set. Check out our Healthy Home | DIY Cleaners for recipes that will keep your home clean while minimizing toxic load.

Clean With Essential Oils

Certain essential oils have powerful cleansing and purifying abilities. Lemon, Grapefruit, Thyme, On Guard Protective Blend, and Purify Cleansing Blend will all safely and effectively clean your home. And, they leave your home smelling fresh instead of like chemicals.

Use Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

They are effective, reusable, and enable you to cut down on or eliminate paper towel use. I understand that convenience will take priority sometimes, but when tackling big jobs like spring cleaning, using cloth can make a big difference when it comes to waste. 

Remember the 3 R's

Reduce, reuse, recycle. Keep these guidelines in mind while you are cleaning and decluttering. Before you get rid of anything, see if you can find a way to reuse it around the house. Donate or recycle items that you are not going to keep instead of sending them to the landfill. 

What's your favorite essential oil DIY for cleaning? I like to have my Super Easy Surface Cleaner on hand at all times.

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