Fitting in Fitness - 10 Simple Ways To Add Physical Activity To Your Day


Exercise is a foundational part of the dōTERRA wellness model. But exercise takes time and a lot of us seem to be very short on that particular commodity.

When do you fit in your workout? Some people are early risers and love a morning workout. Others prefer an evening workout. What if your day is so packed you can't find an hour to get your heart pumping and muscles moving? Or, do you just want to break up a long day of sitting at a desk and move a little more?

If you are short on time and want to fit in more exercise, I suggest adding small amounts of fitness activities throughout the day. Research is beginning to show that short, intense bursts of exercise are just as good, if not better, than longer workouts sessions.

10 Simple Ways To Add Physical Activity To Your Day

  1. Take the stairs instead of an elevator when you have the option.
  2. Choose parking spots far away from entrances.
  3. Pace around the room when you are on the phone.
  4. Do squats while brushing your teeth.
  5. Do leg lifts or pilates exercises while watching TV.
  6. Put on music and dance while cooking meals.
  7. Add intensity to house cleaning. Bend, stretch, and strengthen while scrubbing.
  8. Practice bicep curls or other arm strengthening exercises when bringing in grocery bags.
  9. Pull weeds, rake, or do other forms of yard maintenance.
  10. Do lunges in between folding clothes.

There are many of these types of activities. Look for ways to challenge yourself and increase the intensity of everyday activities. If you prefer something a little more structured, check out my Fitness Pinterest Board. I've pinned several 7 minute or less workouts. You can fit in an entire workout between phone calls, on a quick break, before carpool, etc. 

Enhance your movement and exercise with essential oils. Here are three suggestions to get your started.

Remember, the key is to just get moving more. Progress over perfection! Pay attention to your mood and how you feel too - not just physical changes. Celebrate ALL the ways exercise can improve your life. You can do it!

How do you fit in more opportunities for fitness in your day? Have you ever taken the "long way" around just to get in a few more steps? I'd love to hear about it. What are your secrets?

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