Essential Oils at School: Tips for Parents & Teachers

I Heart Oils Essential Oils at School


Essential oils can be as beneficial in the classroom as they are at home. I know many parents and teachers that utilize them to help create an environment that encourages learning. Here are a few ideas for enhancing the school day for students and teachers.

  • Use aromatherapy to set the tone in the classroom. Try a diffuser or room spray to provide a little boost of energy or sense of calm depending on the needs of the class.
  • When a room diffuser isn't an option, use a personal diffusion method. Using aromatherapy for the entire classroom will not always be possible. There are still options that you can use to benefit your child or yourself if you are a teacher.
    • Wear or send with your student a  diffuser necklace or a diffuser bead bracelet. They can be worn all day or just put on or set on a desk as needed.
    • You can also purchase an essential oil inhaler or simply add a few drops of oil to cotton ball and place it in a sealable bag. Either can be kept in a backpack or pocket for easy access.
    • Make our DIY Scented Pencils and Erasers. They are a great way to send your children to school with their favorite oils and blends. You can even make a few different scents and color code them so your child can choose the scent they need.
  • Make OnGuard a staple in the classroom. Whether it is through DIY products or doTERRA's OnGuard Product Line, the natural cleansing power of OnGuard is a perfect fit for the classroom. Try one or more of these ideas:
    • Before heading out the door each morning, apply OnGuard Protective Blend to the bottom of your child's feet for an immunity boost.
    • Teachers may want to take a veggie capsule filled with 2-3 drops of OnGuard each day.
    • Both teachers can students can enjoy sliced apples or pears that have been soaked in water with a drop of On Guard for 15 minutes. It's a perfect addition to a packed lunch.
    • Speaking of lunch, send homemade OnGuard Protective Blend hand wipes  to school in your child's lunchbox for a pre-lunch clean up. Soak cotton rounds in water, aloe, and few drops of OnGuard. Place in a air tight container in their lunch.
    • Make our DIY Hand Cleansing Spray. Teachers may want to keep a large spray bottle handy on their desk, while parents can send a travel sized spray bottle with their child to be kept in their backpack. For a ready made option, donate OnGuard Foaming Hand Soap to the classroom.
  • Use essential oils as a natural cleaner in the classroom. A room full of kids is going to get messy. 
    • Purify Cleansing Blend cleanses the air as well as surfaces. Diffuse to purify and freshen the air. Add 5 drops to a small spray bottle with water and use to wipe down countertops and other surfaces.
    • A bottle of OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate can go a long way in the classroom. Only 2 tablespoons makes 24oz of multi-purpose cleaner when mixed with water. Because it's all natural, it also can be safely applied undiluted to clean up tough messes.
    • Lemon Essential Oil is doTERRA's most popular oil for a reason. You can use it in place of Purify for an air and surface cleaner. Add a few drops to water in a spray bottle to clean up grimy hands. Put a few drops on a clothe to clean white boards. Lemon has also been known to remove permanent marker from almost anything. Watch this video for instructions. 

Do you have additional suggestions for using essential oils at school? We would love to hear from you. Especially if you are a teacher that has integrated them into your classroom.

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    Good idea, it can be a new fragrance every day.

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