Essential Oil Notebook: Patchouli

Patchouli Essential Oil has a complex aroma with earthy, musky, and sweet notes. It is a perfect addition to floral and woodsy blends. It can also bring balance to a citrus blend. Used aromatically, Patchouli evokes a sense of emotional grounding. I include it several of my diffuser blends and sprays - Fallen Leaves Diffuser Blend, Nature Walk Diffuser Blend, His & Hers Massage Blends, Unicorn Vibes Body Spray and Cologne. It's also beneficial when used topically or internally. 
doTERRA Patchouli Essential Oil

Usage Ideas

  • Add a couple of drops of Patchouli to a veggie cap to support digestion.*
  • Add to your daily moisturizer to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes.
  • Apply to dry areas to help reduce the effects of dry skin.
  • Diffuse Patchouli alone or with woody aromas for a grounding blend to balance your emotions.
  • Diffuse with Lavender for a calming effect.
  • Apply one to two drops of Patchouli to your neck or temples for grounding effect.
  • After a long day, combine Patchouli with Peppermint and apply this blend to your forehead, temples, or to the back of the neck to relieve tension.
  • When your emotions start to overwhelm you, combine Patchouli with Vetiver and apply to the bottoms of your feet. This blend will help bring a sense of calm. 
  • Consume one drop of Patchouli in 4 oz of water or other liquid. Historically, Patchouli has been used to help reduce appetite, support healthy circulation, and to freshen breath.* 
  • Dilute Patchouli with fractionated coconut oil and use as a deodorant.

      Diffuser Blend Suggestions

      Patchouli Essential Oil blends well with the following oils:

      DIY Patchouli Mouth Rinse

      doTERRA Patchouli Mouthwash

      (Recipe and Photo By doTERRA)

      This mouth rinse combines two powerful oils that will leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean. Peppermint will give your mouth a minty taste and Patchouli will aid in deodorizing and freshening. 



      1. Combine baking soda and water in a small, easy to drink from, container.
      2. Add essential oils.
      3. Mix well and swish in mouth for one minute.
      Have you tried Patchouli Essential Oil? Leave us a comment and tell us and how you have used it. Get more info and pick up a bottle HERE
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