Essential Oil Notebook: Hope Touch

Hope Touch Essential Oil Blend is not unique just because of the combination of oils in it. It is also unique because the full purchase price, $20.00, is donated to the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation to support the Operation Underground Railroad (OUR Rescue). "OUR Rescue exists to rescue children from sex trafficking by utilizing some of the world’s experts in extraction operations and anti-child trafficking efforts." doTERRA donated $500,000 to OUR Rescue in 2016.  

Hope Essential Oil Blend doTERRA

Hope Touch was originally created exclusively for OUR Rescue to distribute to at-risk children and included hotline numbers in the labeling. When it was released there was high demand within the doTERRA community and the product was made available for purchase without the hotline numbers.  

Hope Touch Essential Oil Blend contains Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, and Frankincense with Vanilla Bean Absolute.

Primary Benefits

  • Uplifts mood with a bright, fresh, scent
  • Provides a unique aroma profile for a personalized fragrance


  • Apply to wrists, neck, and pulse points for a personalized fragrance.
  • Keep in purse and apply throughout the day to uplift mood.
  • Roll on a sachet and keep in drawers or closets to give clothes a fresh scent

To learn more and to purchase Hope Touch to support OUR Rescue, click here.

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