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I'm so excited to share our newest freebie! Essential oils are such powerful wellness tools for you and your family. They are most effective when you have easy access to all your essential oil info in one place - recipes, inventory, shopping lists, etc. To help you out, I am going to start creating pages for you to add to your own Essential Oil Binder. Just start adding them to a binder and when you need to know which essential oils you have on hand, the number of drops of oil in your favorite roller bottle blend, or the ingredients for a DIY product like laundry detergent, all the info you need will be together in one location. 

First up is our EO Binder - Essential Oils Recipes Insert. Jot down ingredients, instructions, and notes about the recipe. There are even spaces to rate the recipe, keep track of safety precautions, and indicate the method of application.

Get your free digital download today and start whipping up some fun essential oil recipes! We've got tons of recipe ideas on our blog. Here are a few to get you started:

Additional EO Binder Pages

Need some help downloading this freebie? Get detailed instructions on how to download and use our digital files HERE.

What other inserts would you like to see for your Essential Oil Binder?

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