Enjoy a No "Exercise" Summer


Why exercise when you can play instead? Better yet, why not do both at the same time? Lots of summertime activities do double duty as fun and exercise. So, get out there and enjoy summer while you are burning those calories. Check out this list of activities and the number of calories you can burn per hour.  Badminton, anyone?

  • Beach Volleyball - 570 Calories
  • Ultimate Frisbee - 540 Calories
  • Biking - 404 Calories
  • Stand Up Paddle-boarding - 400 Calories
  • Hiking - 378 Calories
  • Kayaking - 354 Calories
  • Badminton - 324 Calories
  • Surfing - 193 Calories
  • Playing Catch - 180 Calories
  • Lawn Games - 180 Calories

Remember to apply sun protection and stay hydrated while you are playing. Add a few drops of Lemon or Wild Orange to your water to enhance the flavor and give yourself a boost of energy. Keep a spray bottle filled with water and a few drops of Peppermint near by. Spray the back of your neck for a quick cool down during and after the fun. Motivate Encouraging Blend can also keep you going when the heat starts to wear on you. 

And, of course, have a bottle of Deep Blue Soothing Blend or AromaTouch Massage Blend on hand to relieve discomfort when the fun is over. You might be having such a good time that you don't even realize how much of workout your muscles are getting.

What are you doing to stay active this summer?

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