End of Year Teacher Gift Ideas


We've made it through 9 months of school and as exhausted as I am as a parent, I'm sure it doesn't even come close to what the teachers are feeling. They put so much of themselves into their job and they deserve every second of the upcoming break. Give them a extra special send off with an expression of your gratitude.

I'm not a teacher, but from talking to several and doing a little research online, I have learned a few things that I use as a guide when deciding on end of the year teacher gifts.

  • You can never go wrong with a sincere note of appreciation from you or your child. Better yet - one from each of you! Younger children might simply draw a picture. 
  • If your child was fortunate enough to have an outstanding teacher or if teacher went above and beyond during the year, write a letter to the principal singing their praises. (Don't forget to provide a copy to the teacher.) 
  • Unless I really have specific insight into a teacher's likes and dislikes, I avoid any kind of decoration, knick-knack, or item that they might feel obligated to keep. I don't do mugs, candles, or anything with overused teacher motifs. Odds are they don't have a ton of room at home or in the classroom for extra stuff, so I just don't even go there. Also, I may be way off on what their tastes are.
  • Sometimes gift cards seem like a cop-out, but from what I've experienced and heard, teachers love them. Restaurants, coffee shops, and movie theaters are generally good choices. Not sure what the teacher would like? Go with a retailer that has it all, like Target or Amazon.
  • A small act of service might be more your style. Take lunch in, offer to clean or organize part of the classroom, or bring in a healthy snack. Teachers get SO many sugary treats at the end of the year, I'm sure they would appreciate a more nutritious option. Try fresh or dried fruit, nuts, etc.

Have other ideas? Leave a comment and let us know. If there are any teachers out there, we would love your insight as well!

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