Emotional Well-being Toolkit

When our emotions are feeling out of whack, it is usually emotional or mental strategies that we turn to. Deep breathing, meditation, and positive thoughts can all do wonders to help us feel more balanced. But frankly, they all take emotional energy that you may not have when you are feeling down. Sometimes you need simple tools that can literary be at your fingertips in an instant. Tools that can take you out of yourself and provide instant relief.
I suggest putting together an emotional well-being toolkit. This therapist recommended activity can be a great support to help you through trying times. Each person's toolkit will be specific to them. Take some time to think about what you would add to your own toolkit. Once you've chosen your items, add them to a decorative box or bag and make sure it is easily accessible. (Photo boxes from craft stores are an excellent option. They are inexpensive and come in lots of fun designs.) 

Emotional Well-being Toolkit Suggestions

  • Feel Good Movie
  • Inspiring Book
  • Magazines
  • Journal & Pens
  • Coloring Book
  • Soothing or Upbeat Music
  • Uplifting Essential Oils
  • Calming Essential Oils
  • Sunshine (Ok, you can't really add sunshine, but what about a bright print with a favorite quote?)
  • Puzzle
  • Tea Bags
  • Worry Stones (Or tactile object that keeps you hands busy.)
  • Photo Album of Favorite Vacation
  • Pictures of Family and Friends
  • Cozy Socks or Slippers
  • Scented Lotion

Is there anyone else in your life that would benefit from something like this? If you have children at home, they are prime candidates. Often, children and teens do not have the coping skills to stop extreme reactions to overwhelming emotions. Sadness, anxious feelings, fear, and anger can lead to meltdowns or lashing out.

In my experience, when kids are in the midst of these reactions, a suggestion to try some deep breathing or to analyze what they are feeling isn't always well received. But hand them their toolkit that contains a cuddly stuffed animal with an application of Lavender Essential Oil or other calming oil and perhaps a sketch pad with gel pens, and you may be able to stop that extreme reaction in its tracks. Really a great support for parents.

These toolkits definitely are not an emotional cure all. They are not a substitute for professional emotional and mental health treatment if needed. But they can be useful to help break a downward spiral of negative emotions or just to brighten up a rough day. 

What would you include in your box? Share your favorite things. I'd love to hear!

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