dōTerra Healing Hands High Five Challenge


High fives, low fives, fist bumps, hand shakes- it’s all good for giving props and gratitude for a job well done. Let’s have some fun, give some “high fives” to those people or things that have positively influenced us lately, and support a great organization at the same time! Are you in?

November is a great time to give! We LOVE the dōTerra Healing Hands foundation [an official 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization] and all the good things it is doing around the world.

Wouldn’t it be amazing for them to receive a tidal wave of donations this month? You can read about some of their projects here:


Here’s how to participate:

Step 1: Head over to our Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/iheartessentialoils/posts/1799021810140392

Share the post or copy and paste the instructions onto your own Facebook wall or in your team groups.

Step 2:

In the comment of that post, give a virtual “HIGH FIVE” to someone or something you are grateful for.


“High five to my friend Jane for helping me with my kids this week!”

"Hi five to piles of fallen leaves and crisp November days!”

*Bonus if you include a gif or a video of a fancy handshake, high five, or fist bump in action!*

Tag your post #HealingHandsHighFiveChallenge

Step 3: Tag five friends in your Facebook comment or post and challenge them to participate to keep the donations coming in to the Healing Hands Foundation all month! 

Step 4: Donate $5 to the dōTerra Healing Hands foundation. You can add your donation to your dōTerra order this month or click here to donate directly:


Let’s do this!

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