DIY: Hand Warmers with Essential Oils


After several weeks of unusual warmth, more typical winter temperatures have arrived in my area. These little hand warmers will help you feel nice and toasty when out in the elements. They are perfect for slipping into coat pockets when you are sending your little ones off to school in the mornings or out to play in the snow. 

This fun project is a great way to use up fabric scraps. Consider upcycling an old cotton or flannel shirt, but be sure to select a fabric that is natural. Synthetic fabrics may melt or burn when heated.

You can also use these tucked away in drawers and closets to freshen them up. Add more oils to replenish hand warmers when desired.

DIY: Hand Warmers with Essential Oils

(Photo and DIY by doTERRA)


  • Fabric (Not Synthetic)
  • Thread
  • Flax Seed
  • Essential Oils of Choice


  1. Cut out two 4 inch x 4 inch squares for each hand warmer.
  2. Sew right sides of fabric together, leaving a few inches open on one side.
  3. Turn fabric right side out.
  4. In a medium bowl mix flax seed with essential oil. Use three to five drops of oil for every cup of seeds. Allow to sit for 5–10 minutes.
  5. Use the seeds to fill the hand warmers about ¾ full and then stitch closed. 
  6. Heat hand warmers 25–30 seconds in the microwave, allow to sit for about 30 seconds and then place in pockets to warm your hands.

Note: Alternative fillers are wheat, rice, flax seed, or even cherry pits. We choose flax seed which seems to hold heat well and does not have a strong scent of its own.

Which essential oils would you use? I might try Peppermint or a blend of Wild Orange and Clove.

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