Co-impact Sourcing in Haiti


Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere and among the poorest in the world. When doTERRA began sourcing Vetiver in Haiti, there were multiple opportunities to assist the community through Co-impact Sourcing initiatives. 

Clean Water

doTERRA quickly realized that access to clean water was a huge issue in the Les Cayes area of Haiti where they source Vetiver Essential Oill. Residents of the area communities were walking over a mile each day to access water, that wasn't even safe to drink, putting them at high risk for infectious diseases.

doTERRA International and the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation have installed clean water systems in the region. Hundreds of families and a local school now have access clean water in their own communities.

According to doTERRA, "Each water system includes an enclosed 600+ foot tube well, a solar-powered pump, and a steel tower with an elevated high-capacity water storage tank. These water systems will provide water to these communities for the first time, and are anticipated to serve the area around Les Cayes for many years to come."

There are so many things I take for granted in my modern, well provisioned life. Clean water in my home is one of them for sure. It's a wake up call to learn about people not really that far away in a global sense that simply have to drink tainted water to survive regardless of the risks. 

School Improvements

doTERRA has directly impacted two schools in Les Cayes that have had increased attendance over recent years. Many children no longer need to spend large portions of each day walking to retrieve water and increased wages in the area due to doTERRA's Vetiver sourcing initiatives have made it possible for more children to attend school. A school in Bois St. Hillaire has received new, locally sourced furniture to accommodate the higher enrollment. In Dorothy, the local elementary school has been significantly refurbished and expanded. "Thanks to a donation from the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation, a new foundation, 10 classrooms, toilets, a retaining wall, basketball court, and utilities are being constructed and installed to significantly improve and upgrade the school. Additionally, furniture and school supplies will complete needs there for the 132 students attending."

Vetiver Warehouse

doTERRA helped build a new warehouse and office building for members of the vetiver growing co-operative. It is a place to safely store harvested vetiver, tools, and other materials. This gathering place provides a boost to the overall vetiver supply chain and the increased security protects pricing helping to stabilize the local economy.

Co-impact sourcing is such an amazing part of the doTERRA business model. While they value the raw materials for their products, it is clear that they value the people that harvest and process them even more.

To find out more about doTERRA's humanitarian endeavors, go to and explore the links under "Our Caring". There is so much good being done by doTERRA and their Wellness Advocates! 

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Reference: Clean Water Project, doTERRA

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